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Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges in Phase 2, Week 1

Hi! I apologize for the lack of update last week. Life has been busy so I wasn’t able to finish my drafts last week. But here I am catching up to write my journal for the first week of fast metabolism diet plan.

So, I was on Phase 2, week one of the fast metabolism diet(I will just have to summarize my Phase 2 experience instead of writing the 2 day journal individually). I have to say,  I agree with the sentiments and rants of other fast metabolism dieters in this Phase.

Overcoming Weight Loss Challenges in Phase 2, Week 1

Phase 2 for me was horrible! I felt like my energy was sapped out from my system. I felt really weak! I experienced some crams, aches and pain on various part of my body, not to mention my symptoms from caffeine withdrawal is still kicking in. It was unbearable.

I also don’t like the dishes for this phase. There’s simply too much meat without any grains or fruits! Although some of the recipes were delicious, I was struggling with finishing them all. I am already full halfway through the meal (you can view here for fast metabolism diet phase 2 recipe ideas )

Aside from intense headache, my sugar craving started kicking in. I think this was triggered because of the sugar or glucose deficiency in this phase. On Phase 1, my sugar craving was sated because I can indulge myself with eating fruits. But since fruits are not allowed in this phase, I think my body began to crave for sugar. And I tell you, it was horrible! It was so hard to deal with intense sugar cravings!


That’s when I decided that I needed help. I need someone to tell me how to overcome this struggle. I visited the fast metabolism diet community Page to share my experience in Phase 2 and they answered me to just hang on in this Phase. Also, they provided me an article link to help me in dealing with Phase 2.

I’ve read the article. It says that we’re feeling like this because our body is undergoing some detoxification and was starting to flush the toxins out of our body. I really hope so! I am hoping that even though I am feeling horrible in this Phase, it will be all worth it!


So, I tried the tips provided in the article. I ate a lot of alkaline veggies in my snacks with the aid of milk thistle tea. I also drank a lot more water to ease the craving I am experiencing. So far,  the craving subdued and thankfully I became a bit better in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I wasn’t feeling at my best.


So overall, I struggled in Phase 2. I dreaded Phase 2, it was unbearable. But I am determined to continue this. I am super excited to make a comeback in Phase 3. They say Phase 3 is a the most wonderful phase out of the three. and I am hoping that after my struggle in Phase 2, I will have a wonderful time in Phase 3. Let me ask you, though, how did you manage to overcome Phase 2? Any other tips you can share to me? It will be greatly appreciated! 
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