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Day 2, Week 1 of My Weight Loss Journey

Hi! How was your sleep last night? Was it good? Are you ready to start your day 2 of  fast metabolism diet plan?

Day 2, Week 1 of My Weight Loss Journey

If you’re asking me, I can say that I dreaded this day. The moment I woke up I felt weak, and I had a horrible headache! I felt like it will combust from the pain throbbing in my head. I decided to skip my supposed to be early workout cardio this morning, I’ll just do it later this afternoon.

Then I asked the fast metabolism diet community about why this is happening, since the pain was really unbearable. What’s the reason behind it?  Their response was, I was probably experiencing the horrible effects of caffeine withdrawal. It turns out I am starting to feel the symptoms of not drinking coffee from day 1. They gave me an article to read on tips on how to deal with caffeine withdrawal. 

I started reading it and applied the tips they gave. I started adding cinnamon to my morning smoothie, after I had my breakfast. I really hoped my headache will disappear as I go through the day. I couldn’t afford to get a headache while doing my online job. I had an oatmeal smoothie for my breakfast, by the way.

oatmeal fruit smoothie, fast metabolism diet
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For my snacks, I usually take same snacks for the morning and afternoon. I made another smoothie but this time, I added cinnamon to ease my headache.

fast metabolism diet
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For lunch,  I had another simple meal. A sprouted grain turkey wrap. I also made sure to eat veggies every now and then so that I won’t feel hungry, paired with drinking lots of water. It’s really hard to deal when you are having a headache and you’re hungry!

Thankfully, after I took another smoothie as my afternoon snack, the headache subsides. I was able to have my afternoon workout(this time I only did a brisk walk around the village) at around 4:30pm. On 6pm, I had another round of Easy, Healthy, Baked Chicken Breast and quinoa. I found that I liked quinoa more than brown rice after my first day.


This day was not that great for me. I had a major headache because of caffeine withdrawal. It’s really killing me! The fast metabolism diet book says the caffeine withdrawal will lasts for 2-3 days. I really hope I can bear this intense headache. But in terms of foods and meal map, so far I am doing good on Phase 1. I love the fast metabolism diet recipes for Phase 1, it’s delicious. Tomorrow, I will move to Phase 2. I’ve read reviews from other dieters that this is the hardest phase among the three phases. And I am about to find that out. Hopefully Phase 2 will be good to me!


KickStarting The Fast Metabolism Diet: Phase 1, Week One.

Hi! I am ecstatic that I am finally starting this blog. Out of the thousand diet programs I’ve researched, I came across the most interesting one. The Fast Metabolism Diet. One thing that fascinates me in this diet program is that, it does not count your calorie intake, contrary to the traditional diet we’re used to. It says that while we’re on this diet program, it promises that we will never be hungry. In fact, we need to eat 5 times (yes, you’re not dreaming!) every day. Can you believe it? How cool would that be? Losing weight without starving yourself? Do you think it will really work?

KickStarting The Fast Metabolism Diet: Phase 1, Week One.

These are just some of the questions I thought while reading this intriguing diet program. The more I read about it, the more I gained new learning about our body. I can attest that the principles  are great, but the most important question would be, will it work? Will I be able to lose my weight with this diet? With these thoughts running in my mind, I decided to take a leap of faith and now that the preparations are done, I am officially starting my fast metabolism diet journey!

So I started it today, September 14,2015, Monday. My starting weight is 280 lbs. I woke up early in the morning, at 5am to have my 15-30 minutes cardio. It was recommended to eat something before exercising, so I decided to eat a watermelon fruit, since it’s my favorite one!

For the breakfast, I tried out a simple breakfast meal, since I am still testing the waters on how my body will react to these changes. I tried out a Strawberry French Toast

strawberry french toast, fast metabolism diet
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So far, it was a yummy breakfast! I ate the fresh strawberries with a sprouted grain bread (one of the rules in the book). Though I need to admit, I kinda missed sipping my coffee early in the morning. But that’s a big no-no in this diet, so we’ll see if I can keep this up(Hopefully I will!) So instead of brewing coffee, I made a substitute of packing a smoothie with me. The smoothie serves as my morning and afternoon snacks.

For lunch, I tried another simple meal. I baked an Easy, Healthy Baked Chicken Breasts, since I loved baking! I paired it with brown rice to complete my meal.

Easy, Healthy Baked Chicken Breasts – Phase 1
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It’s a lovely lunch as well. But after an hour(around 1:15pm), I felt hungry! My next snack is due until 3:30pm. What should I do? I thought we weren’t supposed to get hungry with this? I tried searching the website for a possible answer of my problem, and luckily, I did! It says we need to eat more phase-specific veggies, so I tried to eat spinach and eggplant, since I am still skeptical in eating other veggies aside from my favorite ones. Luckily, my hunger subsides and I survived until dinner.

pork tenderloin with juicy apples
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I had my dinner at 6pm. For dinner, I cooked Pork Tenderloin with Juicy Apples and I paired it with quinoa this time.  I can say that this meal is my most favorite one. The recipe is just heavenly! I indulged myself with eating it. I slept at 9pm.


Overall, first day was an okay day for me. I’ve had no cravings, except I get hungry after lunch. But maybe it’s because I am at the peak of the day where I get most work? I was writing and preparing my documents for my online job that time. The challenges I encountered this day are probably, skipping coffee(it’s really hard!) and drinking LOTS of water. I almost want to puke from drinking too much water! I am barely hanging on. But thank God I survived! Now, let’s see what will happen the next day. Will I start seeing changes in my body? Or will I start feeling some reactions from the diet? We shall find out!

Is there anyone here doing the same diet as me? How was your first day?