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WHO Reveals Cancer Risks on Consuming Red and Processed Meats

Howdy everyone! Today I am not going to post about my fast metabolism diet development but rather, I wanted to share and spread awareness about this important news. As I was watching TV last night I came across this news about World Health Organization (WHO)’s recent study about red meats and processed meats. As a meat lover I became concerned and started to dig further on this issue and this is what I’ve found.

WHO Reveals Cancer Risks on Consuming Red and Processed Meats

The WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France have been conducting this experiment and research for decades and for the first time, the agency revealed that the health risks on consuming red and processed meats are in the same category as smoking and asbestos. This recommendation was based on the results of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC epidemiological studies) stating the risk and exposure on carcinogenic chemicals (e.g. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic aromatic amines) is fairly high on red and processed meats. Consuming high amount of red and processed meats increases the probability of colon, prostate and pancreatic cancer exposures.

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Aside from that, WHO have also warned us about the dangers of chemicals used to cure meat: specifically nitrites and nitrates. Our body automatically converts these chemicals into carcinogens, which  increases our risks on acquiring cancer. This news received a warm acceptance to US residents, since the country is long known to fight against use of chemicals and pesticides on meats.  Most US agencies are promoting organic farming. Whole Foods Corporation on the other hand, had started recalling their bacon, hotdogs and other deli meat products after the study was shown to public.


This news, however, may not be widely accepted by other countries, such as European countries, in which are known to have many red meat products as part of their savored foods. Sausages are heavily savored and smoked ham is their national delicacy.


My Opinion About the Matter:

Even though I recently embark my weight loss journey and started avoiding much of processed foods, I can say that I am still quite affected with this issue.  I still love eating bacons, lambs, chicken and turkey. At the end of the day, I think we need to balance out our diet and be vigilant of the food we’re eating. We need to check the ingredients before buying our food to ensure we’re eating as clean as possible. What are your thoughts about this issue? Comment them below.


Indulging Myself with Powerful Phase 3!

Hi everyone! I know, I know. I am already outdated with my journal entries. I never expected that life will really get in my way to finish my journal everyday. Well anyway, I will make sure to catch up my journals (I already have several drafts here).

Indulging Myself with Powerful Phase 3

So let us see, just like in Phase 2, I will just have to summarize my entry for Phase 3. After my horrible and disgusting experience with phase 2, I finally entered Phase 3. For my breakfast I decided to have something powerful and wonderful.

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I want to make up from Phase 2 so I decided to eat Beef Tagine with Butternut Squash.  And just as expected, the food was so delicious! Aside from that, my caffeine withdrawal finally stopped and I am just so, so happy that I am not suffering from intense headache anymore (and I honestly think I will never drink coffee again. The pain was not worth it! I haven’t realized my addiction to it until now).

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For the first time I felt like my soul was being lifted up from the dread I experienced in Phase 2! I also did Yoga for an hour and it’s definitely refreshing and relaxing! I’ve never been felt energized! For my morning and afternoon snack, I had the delicious and refreshing Blueberry Zucchini SmoothieAs you can see, I LOVE almond butter and I made sure to have lots and lots of it on my smoothie!

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For my lunch I have another mouth-watering recipe the fast metabolism diet community recently posted. Baked Salmon Meatballs with Creamy Avocado. The moment I saw this posted on Facebook page, I was hooked! The recipe looks very yummy so I tried cooking it right away! And as expected, the recipe was very delicious! I love the creamy goodness of Avocado and coconut sour cream! It’s a perfect dip for the Salmon meatballs! I freaking love it! I swear this phase is heavenly! 

And since I started Phase 3 on Friday and I don’t have much to do (since it’s weekend), I just read my favorite book while taking occasional sip with water. Aside from writing, I also love reading. So I didn’t realize it’s dinner time already. And since I became lazy and I couldn’t get my hands off the awesome book, I just heated my leftover from the Salmon meatballs in the oven.

For Saturday and Sunday, my routine was pretty much the same. Nothing much changed. As you see, I am an introvert person and I prefer to be in my silent sanctuary. I rarely go out, though I spend time with my friends everyday through chatting. I also tried more delicious phase 3 recipes and they’re just as heavenly as everyone claimed! I had two massage this weekend and I finished the series up to City of Glass.


Phase 3 is an awesome and powerful phase! I am loving Phase 3! I love all the mouthwatering recipes as well as the healthy fats! I love indulging myself with the tender bits of avocado, almond milk, almond butter, chia and flax seeds! I dare say this is my most favorite phase! And I seriously hope that throughout the 28 day diet program we only need to do phase 3. I am dreading another round of Phase 2!

How about you? Do you also love Phase 3? I sure did!