Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I am Anna and throughout my life I’ve been living an unhealthy lifestyle. I love eating fast foods when I was a kid, I indulged myself in eating delicious burgers, fries, pastas and sodas. This continues until I hit my teenage days, where schoolwork and hectic schedules get ahead of me. My unhealthy habits worsen as I started to drink coffee to help sustain myself and meet deadlines.

Without me realizing it, I started to gain too much weight. I became obese and I started to feel something’s wrong with my body.  I panted and running out of breath for just an hour of walking. My body hurts with the slightest exercise, and I began to feel fat shaming. I started covering myself and withdraw myself from the society. I started to feel frustrated and ashamed of myself.

But then a friend encouraged me to overcome this problem and start to lose weight, to live a healthier lifestyle. My friend was there in every step of the way to gain back my self-confidence. Until I realized that it’s still not too late. I can still change. I can still be healthy. Out of this leap of faith, I started this blog. Diary of Weight Loss. I want to record everything, my ups and downs, my frustrations, my process as I undergo a lifetime change: weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Come and join me as I write my diary of weight loss and make my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


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